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Just my personal opinions

China has 4 trillion US dollars in reserve in 2014 to knock down Trumpism during the US-China Trade War.

5 countries will be hurt by Trumpism

Japan - Chinese refused to buy Japan's products.
35% of Trump taxes would cost Nissan, Toyota and Honda trillions of dollars. Trump and China will charge them 45% tariffs (US-China Trade War).

Mexico - 35% Mexico tax leads to job loss, they need to pay the construction for border wall

Taiwan - China's sanction against Taiwan and Trump will sell them expensive weapons and charge them big tariffs

South Korea - Chinese refused to buy Korean's products and Trump and China will charge them big tariffs,

Canada - Trump and China will charge them big tariffs,

will cost many US companies trillion of dollars:

China Trade War: Charge 45% tariffs to Boeing, Apple, Nike, Pepsi, Starbucks .......
35% manufacturing taxes: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler

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Relax, @Ballscientist, BTFO and embrace Donald Trump's reign as U.S. President by January 20, 2017. All your problems will go away in a matter of moments anyway, and Hillary Clinton ain't worth it because she's too boring and monotoned to even take up the job as the U.S. President.

Yes we need a Woman President or a Jew President, but Hillary is not the answer. Neither is Bernie Sanders. Ivanka Trump is a good combination of a woman and a Jew so she will hopefully set the records if she decides to run for U.S. President once Donald finishes his eight year reign if only we all just give Trump a chance.

PizzaGate has a seedy D.C. pizza shop that Breitbart, WikiLeaks and Alex Jones plus Lisa Haven have all covered very well when mainstream media (not FOX News) refuses to give coverage to, for fear that the MSM's actions will reflect back on how sucky they are. Satanic sexual rituals performed on women and children, now that's absolutely horrible! The gunman who was set to rescue the women and children has raised a valid point, though.
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