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With the scouting season in sleep mode for the next couple of months, thought it would be interesting to discuss 56 potential draftees for the 2003 NBA Draft. To gear up for the 2002-03 basketball season we will feature a player each day over the next two months. With that in mind, we will start with the 2003 draft's reining "King", and most talked about prospect, LeBron James.

Every couple of years there comes a player that makes an immediate impact on the NBA. MJ, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Shaq, KG. The list is short but they definitely have the one name thing going on. Add another one liner to the list. LeBron.

He's been in the national spotlight since he was a sophomore. Or maybe we should say, since he was barely 15. He's a celebrity already. He is just lacking a MTV Diary show, his own line of clothing and music video. He is the next whoever. He is the first LeBron. And it's all our fault.

We've dedicated thousands of posts on every single message board on the entire World Wide Web. And it seems that the term “world wide” takes on a whole new meaning now with the Internet.

We've seen him grace the cover of the most respected sports magazine in the world before he has taken the dreaded senior course of economics.

We've seen his bi-weekly journal in the popular basketball publication SLAM.

But why? Who has really seen him play outside of Ohio? Not many? We tend to buy into the hype. Sure there are 30 second clips of him somewhere on the internet but can we gage that "he's the greatest of all time coming out of high school?" High school basketball is harder to follow than college ball or even international ball. We can only believe what we can read.

Of course the summer circuit is an easier time to follow the rising superstars of tomorrow. They play all over the country. One problem though. LeBron didn't play this summer in the public eye. As we all know, he broke his wrist in Chicago before the crazy days of summer began. But word is, he wasn't going to play much anyways.

There are some spineless souls out there that are trying to capitalize on the young budding star. Let me share an experience with you. I received an email from what I gathered a sincere person. In his introduction he explained that he had several game films of St. Vincent's St. Mary's games. He asked if I'd like to have a copy of one. Knowing that he wanted something in return, I offered him copies of several Georgia preps as a trade. Fair enough right? Not so fast.

His response to the email made me extremely ill. He wanted $200 for each game. I asked if he was related. "No."

Are you a family friend?


Are you a coach?


Are you a journalist?


I never found out who he was or where he got the tapes. As far as I'm concerned, he never had them.

There are people like that everywhere you go that surround these types of players. It's sickening.

Eventually I got a tape. One single tape. And that took a while and enough begging. It was the game against Oak Hill and Carmelo Anthony. What a match up!

LeBron can score any time he wants to. He can find the open man whenever he wants to. He creates like the great ones do. He is virtually the complete player at his level. (The same can be said with Anthony as well.) Keep in mind there aren't many high school players that play defense. That was evident by Anthony’s 30+ points.

Defense is the area of concern for LeBron. He must get better. But that doesn't mean much because he works hard at everything he does, according those that have followed him from the beginning.

There is very little reason why LeBron shouldn't go first overall next year. He's the truth. Playing high school ball this year is "pointless" according to a top NCAA coach. "He would just sleep through the NCAAs too," the coach said at this summer's Peach Jam.

There isn't a team in the league that wouldn't want him. Time is the only thing that stands in his way of becoming one of the elite players of his generation. But remember LeBron won't score 20 a night from the start. He'll need to get used to the game. But eventually, he will. And when he does...
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