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As explained below...

Technically, the Bulls are over the salary cap right now. However, if they renounce the rights to Travis Best and Charles Oakley, they would have about $5.4 million available.

"We won't renounce anybody," Krause said. "We'll take the two exceptions. You can't get under (the cap) and use the exceptions."

That means the Bulls will try to sign free agents using the $4.7 million and $1.4 million exceptions. Both can be divided among multiple players.

With this strategy, the Bulls will be able to spend more money than if they had cleared $5.4 million of cap room. The difference is, the most they can offer a player now is $4.7 million, the same amount any other NBA team is able to spend.

Remember you can't combine exceptions...

Of course, we can spend more than the two exceptiopns by doing sign-and-trade. Actually, I think Best, Guyton and even Oakley can be sign-and-trade-baits.
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