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I know when you guys see this topic, Jerry Stackhouse probably pops right into your mind, right?

That was the case for me, until I did some researching (aka looking up stats on and I had a nice thought; What if Erick Dampier can win 6th man of the year?

The Stats:
5.8 PPG (50% FG), 8.1 RPG (#2 in RP48M), 1.37 BPG and only 1.4 TOPG
0 games missed, 36 games started, 24.1 MPG

Dallas is 28-6 when Dampier comes off the bench, and we are obviously a better team since that mark (first 36 games: 26-10)

His main rival is Memphis guard Mike Miller, who I think has the best chance and history works in his favour (the award is won, predominately by G's/SF's) who is averaging 14/6 on nice stats and making an impact (41 POINTS!!!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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