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Which Team Wins The Most Rings Over 7 Years?

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This was a draft conducted with the idea of winning the most championships over a 7 year period the starting date is the beginning of this current season October 2012.
Which Team Do You Think Wins The Most Rings?

Team 1

PG. Stephen Curry
SG. Paul George
SF. Kevin Durant
PF. Chris Bosh
C. Greg Munroe
6th. Brandon Jennings
7th. Evan Turner
8th. Chandler Parsons
9th. Andrew Bogut
10th. Andrea Bargnani

Team 2

PG. Tony Parker
SG. O. J Mayo
SF. LeBron James
PF. Zach Randolph
C. Joakim Noah
6th. Derrick Rose
7th. Brandon Knights
8th. Danny Granger
9th. Tristan Thompson
10th. DeMarcus Cousins

Team 3

PG. Jrue Holiday
SG. Bradley Beal
SF. Carmelo Anthony
PF. Paul Millsap
C. David Lee
6th. Damian Lillard
7th. DeMar DeRozan
8th. Harrison Barnes
9th. Ryan Anderson
10th. Serge Ibaka

Team 4

PG. Chris Paul
SG. Kobe Bryant
SF. Paul Pierce
PF. Tim Duncan
C. Marc Gasol
6th. Deron Williams
7th. Klay Thompson
8th. Danilo Gallinari
9th. Derrick Favors
10th. Brook Lopez

Team 5

PG. Russell Westbrook
SG. Eric Gordon
SF. Nicolas Batum
PF. Kevin Love
C. Nikola Peković
6th. Ty Lawson
7th. Iman Shumpert
8th. Thaddeus Young
9th. Kenneth Faried
10th. Anthony Davis

Team 6

PG. John Wall
SG. James Harden
SF. Rudy Gay
PF. Josh Smith
C. Andrew Bynum
6th. Ricky Rubio
7th. Arron Afflalo
8th. Kawhi Leonard
9th. Al Jefferson
10th. Roy Hibbert

Team 7

PG. Kyrie Irving
SG. Dwayne Wade
SF. Luol Deng
PF. Blake Griffen
C. Dwight Howard
6th. Kemba Walker
7th. Tyreke Evans
8th. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
9th. J.J Hickson
10th. Larry Sanders

Team 8

PG. Rajon Rondo
SG. Monta Ellis
SF. Andre Igoudala
PF. LaMarcus Aldridge
C. Tyson Chandler
6th. Jeff Teague
7th. Avery Bradley
8th. Kyle Korver
9th. Nikola Vucevic
10th. Al Horford

Feel free to comment on reasons why u think teams will or wont work, ur feedback will be most appreciated

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Team 2 and its not even close. You have the best player in the world for the next seven years and are pairing him with Rose (for season 2-7), who would be the best player he's ever played with. Randolph and Noah for now upfront is good, if Cousins develops, him and Noah are even better. And you can always go LeBron at the 4 with Granger at the 3.

I only skimmed the rosters, but no one else is particularly close.

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Man, when you just go with what you see on paper, team 4 looks like an incredible team, but in reality that's not the case. Team 7 is probably the best going by all around standards but team 2 gets this just because Lebron and Rose together on the same team...I mean what more needs to be said about that?

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Team 2, with Team 4 in a close second.

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I'd probably go in order Team 2, Team 1, Team 5.

Initial feeling is Team 2 has it all. Superstar(Bron/Rose) current production (starting Parker,Mayo,Bron,Zbo,Noah), and Youth(Cousins,Thompson,Mayo, Knight). Little light on shooting with just inefficient shooters Granger/Knight but I like that team.

Team 1 would be very good if they were healthy. Bogut, Bargnani and Curry are risky but if healthy a startig 5 of Curry, George, Durant, Bosh, Monroe is incredibly dynamic. You have a 6-9 george and 6-10 Durant on the wings who can defend multiple positions and are very good offensively. Curry who can do it all on offense. Bosh and Monroe are both solid bigs who can step out and hit midrange. The bench has a ton of multi dimensional players too.

Team 5 is my dark horse. For some reason I really really like this roster. A lot of me-first players would probably kill it(westbrook,Gordon,Love) but lots of defense with Batum, Davis, Shumpert and Faried who are all extremely young still. Big time scorer is Westbrook, rebounders in Pek and Love, shooter/slasher in Gordon. Nice squad if you get rid of personalities ha
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