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If not for the presence of Jason Richardson on the roster, the Philadelphia 76ers would own the league's youngest roster (their average age of 24.5 years old currently trails only the Utah Jazz), so what better way to remind the former slam dunk champ of his impending retirement than some old man birthday gifts.

Celebrating his birthday for the 14th time since entering the NBA in 2001, Richardson posted a picture of himself on Instagram with a package of Depend For Men underwear, a bathrobe and some baby food alongside the caption, "34th Birthday presents from my teammates!!!," and the requisite laughing emojis.

He did not mention whether or not he asked one of the three current members of the 76ers who are not yet old enough to drink alcohol, "Now, how do I post this myselfie doodad to that Facegram thingy?"

Once we get over the idea that 34 years old is only elderly in NBA years (so says the guy writing this who's on the verge of turning 35), it says a lot about Richardson that a) he took this in stride and b) he has this close a relationship with a Sixers team he hasn't played for since Jan. 18, 2013.

So, here's hoping Richardson, who suffered a career-threatening stress fracture in his right foot prior to this season, returns as expected and offers at least one more glimpse of the player he once was.
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