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(Reprint from my post at NBA board)

I want your thoughts MAGIC fans!

Well obviously the Bulls are not coming back. The reason I said it is because I think there is a team that almost mirrors the Bulls in every way. And the way I'm talking about is the players on the team and what skills they have, even how tall each player is at there positions. Yeah they don't have Phil, but I'm just talking players.

Chicago Bulls lineup.
PG:1)Harper 2)Brown 3)Kerr
SG:1)Jordan 2)Harper
SF:1)Pippen 2)Kukoc 3)Burrell
PF:1)Rodman 2)Caffey 3)Simpkins
C: 1)Longley 2)Wennington 3)Sally

And that lineup goes like this, 6-6 PG that can defend and plays the backup 2, 6-6 SG that does most of the scoring, 6-7 SF does the defense and is the second scorer, 6-7 PF rebounding freak and is all defense, 6-11 C that can shoot a open jumper.

The NBA year 2002 mirror to that lineup with the Orlando Magic
PG:1)Sasser 2)Armstrong 3)Vaughn
SG:1)McGrady 2)Sasser
SF:1)Hill 2)Garrity 3)Miller/Williams
PF:1)Humphrey 2)Ried 3)Oyedeji
C: 1)Grant 2)Declercq 3)Hunter

They both have GREAT 2 guards with MJ and Tracy, yeah Tracy might not be as clutch or as good of leader as MJ, but there is time. Both have a tall PG in Harper and Sasser, yeah Sasser is not a defensive gem but he could turn in to be a good one. Both have a great ball hawk defender at PG in Vaughn and Brown, shooters in Armstrong and Kerr even though Armstrong can creat off the dribble. GREAT 3 with Hill, he is a lot like Pippen can do it all, might not be as good of defender but he is a better offensive player than Pippen. Now here at the 4 with Humphrey and Rodman, yeah Humphrey has not proven himself and will probably never win the defensive player of the year. But Ryan will put his body on the line all the time to get a ball, just like Rodman, Ryan is a undersized athletic 4 just like him, but Ryan is better at offense. And the Center, this could change because of free agents but Grant is a big man that can shoot and they have a shot blocker off the bench just like Sally in Hunter. Orlando also has a banger like Caffey in Griffith and Oyedeji. And as for Kukoc Orlando has Garitty who can also play the 4 just like Kukoc could. They also have Miller but he might be traded. The main piece in this is Sasser, he he becomes a great defender and clutch player this Orlando lineup could really work just like the Bulls one did.

(All in All, if you look at the players each team has on there it is very alike, I'm not saying Orlando is going to be 72-10. But they could create the matchup problems the Bulls did with there basically all 6-7 lineup from 1-4. Yeah Orlando doesn't have the shooters,and maybe Tracy is no MJ and Hill can't defend. But you have to admit they look a lot alike! Maybe not as good but very close)
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