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I think the rumored Garnett trade is probably just wishful thinking, and makes little sense for the Mavericks. I agree with some of the recent posts that Dallas is most in need of a blue collar, rebounding power forward (assuming that a monster center won't fall into their lap.

So, rather than waste time figuring out how to swing a deal for Garnett, I think the following trade would do a better job of providing them with the "missing piece."

Dallas sends Nick Van Exel to Miami for Brian Grant. You can also throw in Evan Eschmeyer and LaPhonso Ellis if that makes a difference to the teams, but Van Exel for Grant also works straight-up.

The deal leaves Miami with a gaping hole at power forward, but they don't seem sold on Grant as a part of their future and a quality point guard is much harder to come by. I'd like to see what a quartet of Mourning, Jones, Van Exel and Butler could accomplish. They might be able to plug their hole on the free agent market with anyone from Chris Gatling to Keon Clark.

In Grant, Dallas gets a 4 who can rebound, block shots, bang in the paint, and score when necessary. I think this deal makes Dallas much better without having to give up Finley or Nash, whose names have been coming up in deals. Grant's blue collar qualities also go at least a little ways toward compensating for some of LaFrentz's deficiencies as a center.

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