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A Bulls Fan's View Of the Past and Future

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there was a time not too long ago that many of us fellow bulls fans were looking for positive things to believe in about the bulls and grasps hold of and never let go. Well here is one fans take on the past and future. He belongs to another board. I have his permission to post it here. I thought it was good reading. As every other post on here its open for discussion. Here it is. The article is as written. I didnt change anything.

Thursday June 13, 2002

By: BullsChiTown

What would Jerry Krause be doing at this very minute if Jay Will chose to enter last year's draft? It's ironic how Krause's master plan just seems to keep building one on top of another. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. The window of opportunity for the Bulls is clearing up from that 4 season darkness brought upon Chicago following the MJ era. Don't believe it? Well, for one, who would have thought that the Bulls could actually be in for another run at fame and stardom.

It has been a long, rough journey the last 4 years watching the lowly Bulls get bashed night in and night out. From the "enter-the-Dragan-Tarlac Era" to Matt Maloney Baloney, I have restored my faith, in the Bulls that is. We were all doubters one point or another, but then came the unthinkable.

It all started when Jerry "the sleuth" Krause planned for the future. We were all accusers towards the Bulls' organization claiming that it was Krause and Reinsdorf that ran Jackson, Jordan, and Pippen out of Chicago.

Then for three and 1/2 years, the Bulls' future simply looked darker and darker. First, Krause replaced "Zen Master" Jackson with "I'm not Jerry's buddy" Floyd. Who could ever respect a man only popular in the college ranks in the NBA. Thanks to Oakley, Floyd's future with the Bulls is no more.

Then, came the "what-on-earth-is-Krause-doing?" period when all signs pointed to Krause's failure(s). Elton Brand, Rookie of the year and now All-star, was traded to the Clippers for an unknown high school project with plenty of potential and a partner in crime, a local product from Chicago.

Oh, right. And what about the 2000-2001 draft class? Fizer, Crawford, and even Bagaric have found their roles on the Bulls, as for now. Krause had once dreamed of drafting Darius Miles but it was just too good to be true if the Bulls had gotten the #1 in consecutive years. This would have spelled "Conspiracy Theory".

So, just what did Krause have left in the tank? Was his magic running out? Did Krause finally come to a dead end?


Instead, Jerry Krause has turned the once-lowly Bulls back into possible playoff contenders. With the departure of Brand and the arrival of Chandler and Curry, the sky is the limit for the Bulls and the youngsters.

I have seen every single Chicago Bulls game televised from the good days to the bad days. But a young man by the name of Jay was quoted as saying that great teams have down years. The last several days have been more than pleasant in Bulls news. I think we all can stop speculating who the Bulls will draft. It just seems likely that the Rockets will indeed draft Yao Ming. Rudy T travels to China, why? Okay, and Krause is simply trying to throw people off with draft predictions by looking busy on the camera during the pre-draft camps. Krause will take Jay Will.

Krause has been after this kid, Williams, for 2 years now and it seems that Krause has been blessed. Had Jay entered the draft a season or 2 ago, we might not have had the chance to draft such a unique player as Jay Williams. We, Bulls fans, should be very very very grateful that Jay Will had not elected to enter the previous draft.

However, let's look at the positives. Ever since Brand was traded to the Clippers, the Bulls' future ironically looked bright to me. A team full of youthful, talented, hearty players and a new coach to replace pretty Boy Floyd added more light to the picture. The "Master Plan" as it is often regarded as is unfolding in our very eyes. For 4 "down years", we shouldn't complain. Krause has a reason for everything. It might sound complex and yet absurd, but he will prevail in the end. No, I am not just glorifying Krause on a job well done. Rather, I think we need to pay homage this this man who is often criticized by the public.

It was Krause who got us Chandler and Curry. Krause was the one to select Cartwright as the man to lead us back into the promised land. Some will say that Krause certainly does his homework, and I believe that is the case every single day. We will not be the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, the Denver Nuggets, or even the Golden State Warriors. A good GM will keep his franchise intact for years to come, i.e. Boston and L.A.. Don't count Mr. Krause out just yet.

This man has indeed turned this franchise around after 4 years missing the playoffs by a long shot. He brought us Jalen Rose, who has been unbelieveably appreciative, respectful, loyal, and mature about the situation that he was brought in. He only brought in Brand, Mercer, Miller, and Artest to hold the leak. He needed to fill the gap temporarily. A good GM will always be successful in the present as well as in the future.

Let's look at the overall scheme of things one last time. With Krause most likely drafting Jay Williams, there is no doubt that the Bulls will and SHOULD dominate the eastern conference for years to come.

The first wave of recent dynasty-esque championship teams revolved around a SG and a SF.

The second wave revolved around a C and a SG.

The third wave will revolve around a C and a PF.

Say what you will about this article. Sure it probably sounds like someone rambling at midnight, bored out of his mind. Well, you would be correct. But one thing is for sure:

The Bulls are Back baby!!!
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that really was a very positive article -- i remember seeing it on RealGM before you pointed it out.

he didn't mention the team that won it between the SG/SF combo and the SG/C combo --

also a PF/C combo that lead its team to a championship

does that mean the Bulls should follow the pattern of the Spurs in '99 as their own path. not neccesarily: the current idea the Bulls seem to be building towards is to run the triangle.

with a couple of talented big men, and a few talented ball handlers/creators -- on paper the offense should beat just about anyone.

the thing what will be interesting to watch - who becomes the role players that fill in the gaps between our 'star' players. be they free-agents, trade or draft - the next few players aquired should be thought of in this manner. This team has quite a bit of potential already, and what it needs now are players who may only be one-dimensional, but they fill the need that our stars can't
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OMG this is SO true!!

poor Tim Floyd indeed -- not only does he have the distinction of the WORST all time W/L stat, he will only be remembered for holding the reigns of a distinctive franchise through it's most miserable period

was this PART of the Krause plan?? did he intend to ruin his 'buddy's' reputation until such a time that his franchise would rebound, and he could the place a legitimate coach in charge

was Floyd nothing more than a whipping boy??!??!

well, i can't honestly say I believe that Krause set him out to fail completely -- I'm sure Krause thought that Floyd would ride out a few rough years, and then put this team together, and still be at the helm 7 or 8 years down the road

but, the way things turned out... three and a half years was far too many... and i doubt he'll have the oppourtunity to coach at the NBA level again... i dunno maybe an assitant coach... maybe...
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so here we are, 5 years later. completely different roster, coach, philosophy and... actually winning some games.

I'm actually pretty happy with the way things have gone down more or less. It kinda bugs me a bit that the franchise really did 'lose' a few years of development and that it wasn't until the next year, with the addition of Hinrich and Skiles that things actually became bearable again.

but I remember being really really excited by the prospects of that team back in 2002. It made putting up with the losing somewhat okay because one day real soon those guys we had were going to turn potential into consistent NBA dominance. don't you remember that feeling? that sure feeling that the young core (primarily Chandler Curry Crawford and Williams) were all going to become upper echelon players and that a couple of them were going to be superstars?

I find it remarkable to look back upon that, feel so much hope for the future of that roster -- and now to look upon the current roster and see that it took building with players who have lesser physical gifts but greater heart to become a legitimate contender.

I'm so much happier with the team as it is right now than I am with the potential that was 5 years ago. winning just feels great, and while the losing stings too, it doesn't seem like it's the same old 'here we go again' feeling it was back then. but y'know - I'll always look back at that time whistfully, sort of imagining what it could have been like if that team had stayed together. healthy and together - and really did become a dominant force. because something in the back of my head tells me I would have enjoyed cheering for that team even more than the current situation -- had they truly fulfilled their lofty potential
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