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Oh my dearest ogie please get a clue on offense. let me give you a clue. if you develop a real nba offense by working on not turning the ball over, by having something more than a perimiter offense you willhave less turnovers that will mean less fast breaks by teams like nj.. When teams play defense against us ogie we feel the need to force our way into the lanes cause we know that by spreading the floor out it is gonna clear the lanes... :rolleyes:

we dont rebound offensively ogie why??? because we are on the perimiter and the best rebounder in college is now taking 18 ft jump shots.. Dost thou stop to think o dearst ogie that if you rebound offensively that probaly will stop nj from running???

You have had how many years to figure out how to beat the nets dearst ogie, why dont you get it??

You dont do it by the perimiter game and trying to get paul to be a one man team... Learn from the past mistakes and adapt dearest ogie please....
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