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a great plan, I think

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well i'm going to first say I think the following plan is great, and if you disagree, tell me why, and give me and idea of what you would do instead

I say trade Mike Miller, Jerryl Sasser, and Don Reid to Atlanta for Nazr Mohammed.

Trade Andrew Declerq and Steven Hunter to Denver for the first rounder Milwaukee owes them.

Trade Jud Buechler and the first round pick Washington owes you, back to Washington for Hubert Davis.

Then sign Jerome James, Charles Oakley, Greg Buckner, Erick Strickland, and Derrick McKey.

Depth Chart:
PG Strickland, Armstrong
SG McGrady, Davis
SF Hill, Buckner, McKey
PF Mohammed, Oakley, Humphrey
C James, Griffith

With the Money traded away, you can sign Oakley, McKey, Strickland, and Griffith. Then sign James with the exception.

I like signing Oakley because of what he brings to the team, his attitude. He dives for lose balls, is a great rebounder without being a great athlete, and he gets under oposing guys skin, that'll rub off on the younger guys when he's gone in a year.

Same thing with McKey, he has more value for his minutes in practice, he's a great defender, without being a great athlete, he just knows how to defend, ang with Hill not being as athletically gifted as before, he can learn so much from McKey defending him and T-Mac in practice through the season. T-Mac will also benefit from it, and this move makes your stars better, can't ask for much more. McKey can defend from the 2-4, and i'd like to see that defensive savvy rub off on McGrady and Hill, even though McGrady is a great defender now, McKey can show him the ropes of how to do it the easy way, with your brain and length.

No one is sure what Horace Grant and Patrick Ewing will do, but I wouldn't be upset if Horace came back, but if Patrick did, you can always find a injury to put him on the injured list.

Jerome James bring shot blocking, and size, this team is ready made for the finals, not ready to win it, but make it there, and in a year, when McKey and Oakley are gone, along with Grant and Ewing, you won't have to make many signings to get back. Maybe bring a Tyrone Hill in to be insurance if Humphrey isn't ready to play, but with all the older vets around to learn from, he'll be ready.

Greg Buckner brings what every teams is looking for, a great role player, who gives you the same thing every night. You get hustle plays, scoring without having plays set for him, good spot up shooter, tough defender, etc.

I've already talked about Strickland in the PG situation post
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true enough ozzy

it takes 3 months for a team to get used to playing with each other, and the coach to get used to his rotation and everything, besides, Declerg, Reid, Buechler, Sasser, none of them will play much, and Hudson and Garrity should be replaced.

Oakley, Buckner, and McKey could have chemistry in a pickup game yesterday, that's the type of game they play. Usually there is a eight or nine guy rotation,

8-9 Griffith, James, Mohammed, Hill, Buckner, McGrady, Armstrong, Strickland, Oakley

if we were talking about a short season, i'd say sure, but it's 82 games, by midseason people will forget they haven't played together that long

in other words, the chemistry thing while valid, is irrelevant in such a long basketball season, especially when you go out and get defensive players, hustle, role players, etc., putting scorers together takes longer, more patience

and you still haven't come up with anything better, none of the deals were a reach, so.....
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true about Jon

and I was talking about Erick Strickland, not Rod Strickland, i've said all along that the Magic won't do it, and i'm not dreaming of them doing it, i'm just saying they can do it, but they won't
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