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I just finished reading one of the best books that I have ever read and I just want to share this story, from the book, with Pistons fans.

I will just set the scene. It is 1988 and the Pistons are getting killed by another NBA team and nothing seems to be going right.
Here is the story, direct from then Pistons Coach Chuck Daly.

"One night we were out of sync. Nothing was working for us and I was mad. I said to Isiah Thomas during a time out, "What is your greatest asset?". "Leadership," he replied. "Then Lead!," I yelled. We won the game."

That is just a great story about the Pistons in my opinion. It might seem meaningless to certain people, but to those that knew how good Thomas was, would really appreciate that story.

I have been trying to collect a series of NBA Finals videos and was able, through a friend to get hold of the 1990 finals series against the Trailblazers.

As you know, Thomas was MVP of that series and was so good that you just have to watch the full 5 game series. He averaged 27.6 points per game throughout. And delivered whenever it looked like the Pistons were down and out.

Game 1

Blazers leading 90-80 with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter and cruising to victory. Thomas hits 10 points down the stretch, for the Pistons to post a huge comeback victory. Scores 33 points for the game.

Thomas was remarkable in that series win in 1990. He was not only scoring but was feeding the ball to guys like Johnson and Dumars and putting them into easy positions to score. He was on another level to counterpart Terry Porter in that series. He also averaged 7 assists per game in that series. But, that might not seem alot, but it was where he got his assists that counted.

Here are some of his stats for his career:

18,822 points, at 19.2 per game

9061 assists at 9.3 per game

11 All-Star Games and MVP in two of them

3 time All-NBA First Team

MVP of the 1990 NBA finals series

Hall of Fame Inductee 2000.

I never get many replies to the recaps of past players careers and also past Finals series, that I post, but I really do not care about that. As long as I make people aware and remind them about how good players were, that is all that was important. Hope you all like this walk down memory lane...

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Great post I don't think that Isiah gets enough credit for what he has accomplished. Here is a good highlite page of Isiah if anybody wants it some of the stuff on there is amazing like in one week he had two games with 25 assists. Isiah Thomas.

I was watching ESPN awhile ago it was on the pistons glory years and it has a qoute from Chuck Daly that still impress me today.

Mark Agguire walks into Chucks office and started complaning about getting minutes. Chuck gets up and opens the door to the training room and points at Dennis Rodman peddling his a$$ off on the stationary bike and says "your problems not with me its with Dennis" agguire then turns around and just storms out of the door. Chuck Daly not only was a great coach he was a motivator and probably his greatest assest was to keep everybodys ego in check.
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