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When I take a look in the glass ball for the future of the Magic, I dont see Duncan, Dre Miller, McDyess or any other free agent of 2002 and 2003. What I do see is a team who does great in the draft, gets all the right draftees, and the free agent winners for the Orlando Magic are:

Travis Best: Travis Best is a player, no doubt about it, and considering he’s in the prime of his career, he’s likely not going to waste it in Chicago. Travis is looking for a sign and trade deal, so he can take some money with him, and a team like Orlando, who are looking to improve the guard spot, may give Travis a serious look.

Charles Oakley: The aged one is still a very valuable guy, he’s likely going to come cheaper to a contender, and he can still bang and bruise with the best of them. His list is said to be short but in the end, a promising team is where Oak will go and that team is the Magic.

As much as I want the MVP Tim Duncan and other big men to come, Oakley will be fine for one year and then we could take a serious look at the 2003 free agents.

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