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A lot of players fell in the draft

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There were a large amount of players that fell in the draft, some to the second round and some to the late first round. Here are the players that I felt fell the most:

Qyntel Woods (I thought the Lakers might even have a chance at getting him)
Frank Williams (Got traded to the Knicks)
Dan Dickau (Got traded to the Hawks)
Dan Gadzuric (#35 pick, I expected him to go in the late frst round)
Carlos Boozer (Thought he'd go to the Spurs at #26)

It's been a very surprising 2002 NBA Draft.:yes:
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He boldly stated that he would put up Paul Pierce type numbers (26pts 3ast 5reb).
If he puts up those numbers,the Heat will be facing the Lakers in the Finals next season!I DOUBT he'll do that well his rookie season,but I think hes almost a LOCK for ROY!

I still CANT believe Butler dropped to #10!:D

Rush to the Lakers for Hunter,what the HELL were the Raps think'n?I know they want to resign Keon,but Carter and Rush would have been AWESOME in a few seasons!
I said ALMOST a lock for ROY.

It will be either Butler or Jay,but NOT Dunleavy!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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