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The Boston Celtics and Seattle Sonics just completed a trade. Seattle sent

:Vin Baker
:Shammond Williams

to Boston for

:Kenny Anderson
:Joe Forte
:Vitaly Potapenko

I don't know about you guys but this is a very wierd trade! Ok the Celtics got themselves a low post guy ok. But Baker might not be able to play the 5 though. Rodney worked out so good with them because he could shoot the 3 ball, something Vin can't do. And I don't know if Baker has enough patience to be a defensive Center and grab rebounds. And what will they do with Battie? They could move Walker to the 3 but that would not be that good. And some Boston fans are cheering that they let Anderson go but why give up your future PG in the prosess in Forte? He would have done a great job as the PG! And all Boston then got is a small shooter in Shammond, he is a good player but will he play over Delk if Delk is still there? This is a bad move for both teams. Seattle what, whats to trade Gary or something? Because Anderson could start on a lot of teams at PG, and Vitaly has never really been a good player ever since he left Cleveland. I really hope Seattle trades Anderson though, because Forte would be a good backup for Gary, but I don't think it would fly with Anderson. And for Boston well, they better hope Vin can play defense like a Center and be more under control in his all around game. This is a very strange trade in my book though.......
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