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What do you think of this trade?

  • This trade sucks, it would screw up the sallary situation for both teams, and would have serious rep

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • This trade would help both teams, they would both get help in positions they lacked in, and would bo

    Votes: 9 52.9%
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Originally posted by JBH
IMO this trade isn't balanced. Dooling and Jones are equal, so it's Maggette and the #8 (Wilcox) for Miller.
C'mon! The Cavs didn't want Odom and the #8, so why would they take less now? I think the 3-team-trade with New Orleans has the bigger chance to go down.

You hit that right on the money. No way the Cavs make this trade if they wouldn't bite on Odom and #8 (who by the way could have been Caron Butler if they took the trade).

I also agree about the three-way trade that looks like this:

Baron Davis to LA Clippers, where he actually wants to be
Andre Miller to New Orleans; getting another great pg in return
is the only way New Orleans makes this deal
Odom and Dooling (or Wilcox) to Cleveland.; Cle is realizing that this might be the best deal out there for him

This is a great trade for all 3 teams
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