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What do you think of this trade?

  • This trade sucks, it would screw up the sallary situation for both teams, and would have serious rep

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • This trade would help both teams, they would both get help in positions they lacked in, and would bo

    Votes: 9 52.9%

A trade you have all probably heard about, but should read anyway

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Clippers trade:

Chris Wilcox
Corey Maggette
Keyon Dooling

Clippers recieve:

Andre Miller
Jumaine Jones

Cavaliers trade:

Jumaine Jones
Andre Miller

Cavaliers recieve:

Chris Wilcox
Corey Maggete
Keyon Dooling

This trade could hold some improvements for both teams

The Clippers would aqcuire Andre Miller to fill their need for a point guard, and Jumaine Jones would provide help off the bench.

The Cavaliers would aqcuire Keyon Dooling to fill in for the loss of Andre Miller, but DaJuan wagner would take pressure off the back court anyway with his excellent ball-handling skills. Corey Maggete could get the spark he needs with the PT he would get as a backup to Ricky Davis and Chris Wilcox would fill a key need at the Power forward position.

Both teams gain in this situation IMO

But your opinion is welcome, so vote or post a follow up, or better yet, both!
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I guess they could be a good team in a few years...

C: Diop
PF: Wilcox
SF: Davis
SG: LeBron James?
PG: Wagner
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