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I havent checked out the hawks roster this summer..
but can someone break down the 12 +3 players they expect to make it.. and what the chances of rod grizzard making it are..
by the way id rather have grizzo over dion any day of the week even though both dont play defense.. rods athleticism makes him more intriguing

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I can try.............

I am not a die hard hawks fan, more of a Jason Terry converted Hawks fan. The outlook is this.

PG- Jason Terry.

I want Terry to stay here for at least half the season, then decide if its working out. He defintely is more valuable as a point guard, and should paly there. He showed it at the end of last season, depending on Dickau and Davis's progression, this spot is in jeopordy. <<<<< excuse spelling.

SG- Dion Glover

Excuse me if I am wrong this is my guess. Dion has shown he has the talent to play, but has always gotten injured at the wrong time. He has skill and ability, just needs to show that it can win games for the team. This would have been DeMarr's position but the unfortuanate injury really hurt him, especially in the lonf term.

SF- Glenn Robinson

A great pcikup for obvious reason. Made a really dumb move by calling out his former teamate Ray Allen. Very unprofessional move, but hopefully he can make up for it by producing. He will be looked at to score , rebound, and play some d. He can be switched with Rahim and the two forward positions.

PF- Shareef Abdur Rahim

A great player that really needs to show the public he is great. Was stuck in Vancouver came over here with high hopes and in a way let down many people by not leading this team to the playoffs, now with a better supporting cast, he has no excuse, its his time to shine.

C- Theo Ratliff

Probably one of the top 3 defensive players int he league 2 years ago. INjuries deathened his career. And now he really has to show he can come back. Most of his blocks were from instinct and not athletic ability so his block number shouldn't go down much, but his quickness oin the offense will be something to watch


Nazr Mohammed
Darvin Ham
Dan Dickau
Emanuel Davis
Ira Newble
Alen Henderson
Cris Crawford

Outlook- THe frontcourt is looking very good, with Mohammed and Henderson being capable starters on this team. Both capable of averaging double figures in points. Also with the addition of Darvin Ham the team will be stronger. And Ira Newble's success last year, could end up being a starting 2 guard spot. The backcourt is a big question mark. CAn Dickau and Davis handle it.

I think that Grizzard will take Crawfords place. He has more athletic ability and also makes oppurtuntitys for himself to score...

Just my thoughts, from a side hawks fan.
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