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"I'm concerned about winning because you want to stay up there (in the standings)," Adelman said. "I think sometimes you're winning games and you're still doing the same things over again, and I've felt all along we've got to become better as a team at both ends of the court.

"We can win two games out of six on this trip, but if we're zeroing in on things and guys are realizing what we've got to do to get better, that's the most important thing. ... And it doesn't make any difference to win games now if we don't realize what we need to do and get better."

Adelman believes his team has to increase its performance level.

"I thought we played poorly in Memphis (Thursday night) and better in Dallas (Sunday)," he said of playing teams that had won six and seven straight games, respectively, before meeting the Kings. "Now it seems like everybody we play is on a hot streak."
"We're going through a stretch where we play a lot of good teams, and we have to play at a high level to win," he said. "And if we don't win, then why (did we lose)? How can we get better so we can take care of that as the season goes on? Even if you do win, you've got to understand that you've got to keep pushing, got to keep pushing to improve.

"Things are so fragile that you can lose three or four games in a row. But one thing I love about our team is they do have a resolve. They may lose three or four games, but they are going to respond. They always have."

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Originally posted by <b>Peja Vu</b>!
We can win two games out of six on this trip
well, they've already won 3 out of 5, so i guess he underestimates the kings a bit (which is a part of the reason why they haven't won a championship, but that's another story).

i think they've played pretty well on this trip. their defense has been showing signs that it can get back to last season's form. i love how aggresively bibby's been playing on both ends of the court. he completely shut down steve francis and lit him up for 28! of course the rockets and the spurs aren't exactly offense threats, but vlade and miller did a great job on duncan and yao in the second halves of both games.
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