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AE Gameday Weekend 1/21-1/22

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Saturday, January 21st


Sunday, January 22nd

NJIT @ Vermont 1 ET
Bryant @ UML 1 ET
Binghamton @ Maine 2 ET
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For a team that doesn't really shoot the 3 that well, we sure do get giddy at the prospect of jacking a 3 early in the possession.
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That is exactly how the lead evaporated.
10 point lead at the half. Righted the ship a little in those last few minutes, offensively and defensively.
It is fun to watch how Robin impacts the game in so many ways
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We can thank the Sullivan T for the momentum shift.
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Can't say I had UML up 26 at halftime on Bryant. 😲
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Can't say I had UML up 26 at halftime on Bryant. 😲
57 points in the first half? It's almost like playing a DIII squad
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UML on their way to putting 100+ on Bryant
11 turnovers in 16 minutes for Binghamton. No idea what they are doing with some of these passes and just handing the ball over to a Maine player. Maine could be up 20 but they’ve missed a ton of shots from point blank range.
Binghamton lucky to only be down 11. Credit to Maine defense, they were in the face of every Bearcat and every made basket was hard fought for.
Maine is the most sneaky dangerous team in this conference.

UMass Spankin Dat A$$
Good win by the Cats. Got a little loose at the end, but largely a good 2nd Half to really leave no doubt. Aside from the fact that they're not that great, we also seem to be a really bad matchup for NJIT. I mean, we outrebounded them and outscored them in the paint. Us. The midget team.

We took care of the two home must-wins. On to Binghamton. Does today mean anything? Barring them erasing an 18-point deficit over the next 7 minutes, is today's game a motivator or a demoralizer for the Bearcats? Or will it even matter, because we all know sometimes things just get weird on a Wednesday night in central NY.
UML looks like the class of AE. Hard to see how they lost 2 already
Great to see Sullivan go off from a scoring standpoint. We’re much better when he’s shooting with confidence. And with him, it’s mostly about confidence. Really nice game from Kam Gibson on both ends as well. Penn and Robin did a great job getting into the paint, although I think we could have done more of that.

Defensively, I thought we gave up position to de Graaf and Diakite too deep in the paint, but they didn’t really capitalize on it as much as they could have. If teams are paying attention, they should be able to catch us in bad matchups off of switches because we’re so small. But otherwise it was solid and we did nice job of team rebounding. Sullivan had a good game for NJIT, but he had to work for most of it.

We remain undefeated against league opponents that don’t play defense (Bryant and NJIT). The road games have been a different story though, so this game with Binghamton will be telling. It’s typically not been an easy trip historically. We’ve won most of them but it seems to always be a slog, and the teams are better matched this year than in the past.
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Break out the Black Bears!

P.S. - Welcome back Peter Filipovity.....they're a different team with him in the line-up.
Okay okay, a good effort start to finish especially defensively.
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UML looks like the class of AE. Hard to see how they lost 2 already
They’re capable of remarkable lapses, although they seem to retain better focus against teams they deem worthy of their attention.

The initial reason I hopped on their bandwagon at the start is that I liked their roster on a matchup basis relative to Bryant. Today certainly didn’t do anything to invalidate that. Lowell had 20 offensive rebounds. Let that sink in for a second.
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Updated standings after this weekend:

1. UMass Lowell 4-2
T2. UVM 4-2
T2. UMBC 4-2
T2. Binghamton 4-2
5. Bryant 4-3
6. UNH 3-3
7. NJIT 2-4
8. Maine 1-5
9. Albany 1-5
Two big games for Binghamton this week kick off a pretty brutal four game stretch. Part of why I thought this afternoon's game was a must win was that having to face Vermont, Bryant, UNH and UMBC in the next four could easily result in a 1-3 or even 0-4 stretch.

Hopefully with Binghamton being an older group they'll be able to shake it off and get focused on Vermont.
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