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AE Men's Gameday 02-25-23

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2:00 PM

  • Maine

    (11-16, 5-9 Am. East)

  • Binghamton

    (12-15, 8-6 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a 78-57 home win for Maine

  • For Maine it's a chance to build some momentum heading into the playoffs and a chance to stay ahead of NJOT for seeding. For Binghamton it is must win time if they want to claim a home playoff game. They can't afford to be dropping games to the bottom half of the conference.

4:00 PM

  • Vermont

    (18-10, 12-2 Am. East)

  • Bryant

    (17-10, 8-6 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a UVM home win 74-64

  • For Bryant it's a shot at some redemption after a hideous turnover filled performance on national TV. Obviously there are plenty of seeding implications for the Bulldogs as well since they can finish anywhere from 2nd to 6th depending on how the tiebreaks fall. For Vermont there are no seeding implications. There is the benefit of tweaking Jared Grasso's nose one more time. I expect Vermont to come out and half ass it since that's what they've done the last two games and now with the one seed locked up, they'll probably lose by double digits.

5:00 PM

  • New Hampshire

    (13-13, 8-6 Am. East)

  • UMass Lowell

    (23-7, 10-5 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a UNH home win 69-65

  • For UML it's the final day of the regular season, senior day, and a chance to lock up the 2 seed and 2 playoff home games. For UNH it's a chance to grab ahold of a home playoff game with both hands. A win here will almost certainly give them the edge in any tiebreak scenario.

7:00 PM

  • NJIT

    (7-20, 4-10 Am. East)

  • Albany

    (7-22, 2-12 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a NJOT home win 74-67

  • Awww Yesssss...And the primetime game is AE Playoffception. The Playoff game to get a Playoff game. How could this get any more high stakes. For Albany it's win or your fat lady has sung. For NJOT it's win and your in with the possibility of passing Maine in the seeding and avoiding that long trip to Burlington.
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Two 20 loss teams in the main event of the evening. It doesn’t get more America East than that!
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Tough to pick against Lowell or Binghamton. Both at home and both have plenty to play for.

The other two are tricky.

Vermont is favored by 2.5 on the road. But there is such a big gap in level of importance of this game between the teams. Also wonder if Penn will be at full strength (or playing at all). I guess I’d lean toward Bryant at home because it just matters so much more for them. Would be happy to be wrong.

Both NJIT and Albany have played better in the last couple games. NJIT was a couple of possessions away from beating Vermont and Bryant back to back. If that had happened, they’d be 6-8 and legitimately in the discussion for a 6 seed. But they didn’t make the plays when it counted, and they also only have 2 road wins all season. I’m leaning toward them anyway. Between Sullivan, Hess and Osawe, they’ve got a lot of scoring punch. Neither team is fantastic defensively, so could be some big numbers in this game.
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Pretty entertaining first half. Good lively atmosphere in the building.

Bryant shooting better than 50%. Gross-Bullock is a handful. Pride playing well also.

UVM at 45% and good balanced scoring. Bryant’s defense seems a little better today than it has most of the season. Still giving us some good opportunities near the rim, but they seem more active.

Overall, I think Vermont has shown up pretty nicely in a game they don’t need. Should be a good second half.

Only complaint is the quality of the stream, which has been crappy for me. Not sure if it’s just me, but the UVM women’s game stream looks fine.
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If you’re Bryant, you can’t allow Penn to get one on one with Edert like that.
Good ballgame. Bryant had some really good looks at the end there but just couldn’t convert. Would not surprise me to see a third meeting in the tournament.
Giving Brooks from Lowell a T there is embarrassingly bad officiating.
Just atrocious. You have to wonder what they think when they go to the monitor and see the guy did absolutely nothing wrong. The double technical is just too easy of a cop out call for officials in that situation.

Regardless, pretty convincing win in process for Lowell here to wrap up #2 seed. And to keep the complete free for all below that intact. UMBC had a productive day today without playing.
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Check me on this, but I think these are all of the possible combinations below. On the left are the winners of the games on Tuesday, and on the right is the resulting order of finish. It’s based on that simulator, so if that’s right, so is this. And vice versa.

Bing/Bry/UNH Bing Bryant UNH UMBC Maine

Bing/Bry/NJIT Bing Bryant UNH UMBC Maine

Bing/Maine/UNH Bing UNH Bryant Maine UMBC

Bing/Maine/NJIT Bing Bryant UNH Maine UMBC

UMBC/Bry/UNH Bryant UNH UMBC Bing Maine

UMBC/Bry/NJIT Bryant UMBC Bing UNH Maine

UMBC/Maine/UNH UNH UMBC Bing Bryant Maine

UMBC/Maine/NJIT UMBC Bing Bryant UNH Maine

NJIT win OR Albany loss = NJIT 8th, Albany 9th

NJIT loss AND Albany win = Albany 8th, NJIT 9th
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