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AE Men's Gameday 02-25-23

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2:00 PM

  • Maine

    (11-16, 5-9 Am. East)

  • Binghamton

    (12-15, 8-6 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a 78-57 home win for Maine

  • For Maine it's a chance to build some momentum heading into the playoffs and a chance to stay ahead of NJOT for seeding. For Binghamton it is must win time if they want to claim a home playoff game. They can't afford to be dropping games to the bottom half of the conference.

4:00 PM

  • Vermont

    (18-10, 12-2 Am. East)

  • Bryant

    (17-10, 8-6 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a UVM home win 74-64

  • For Bryant it's a shot at some redemption after a hideous turnover filled performance on national TV. Obviously there are plenty of seeding implications for the Bulldogs as well since they can finish anywhere from 2nd to 6th depending on how the tiebreaks fall. For Vermont there are no seeding implications. There is the benefit of tweaking Jared Grasso's nose one more time. I expect Vermont to come out and half ass it since that's what they've done the last two games and now with the one seed locked up, they'll probably lose by double digits.

5:00 PM

  • New Hampshire

    (13-13, 8-6 Am. East)

  • UMass Lowell

    (23-7, 10-5 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a UNH home win 69-65

  • For UML it's the final day of the regular season, senior day, and a chance to lock up the 2 seed and 2 playoff home games. For UNH it's a chance to grab ahold of a home playoff game with both hands. A win here will almost certainly give them the edge in any tiebreak scenario.

7:00 PM

  • NJIT

    (7-20, 4-10 Am. East)

  • Albany

    (7-22, 2-12 Am. East)

  • Previous meeting was a NJOT home win 74-67

  • Awww Yesssss...And the primetime game is AE Playoffception. The Playoff game to get a Playoff game. How could this get any more high stakes. For Albany it's win or your fat lady has sung. For NJOT it's win and your in with the possibility of passing Maine in the seeding and avoiding that long trip to Burlington.
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What a turn around by Maine! Harried's defense kept Maine from being ahead at the half. I expect Markwell will make better adjustments, so we might see Maine win a tight one. So far it has been very entertaining.
Maine-Binghamton women in the last minute for your halftime viewing. Maine up 5.
Maine wins 69-65. Adrianna Smith with 31 pts & 19 rebs....she's so dominant in this league.
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Maine women beat Binghamton 69-65. Adrianna Smith 31 and 19. That will be the 3/6 back in Orono.
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Maine gets their hands on enough passes, Binghamton can’t afford to be making careless ones too.
Maine's 3pt shooting is the pits.
Imagine this team if Tynes and Clayton were shooters. Although, I suppose if they were shooters they wouldn't be at Maine.
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He's going for 40 & 20 today, Cats by a million.

(or he might just finally be healthy enough to dress in an emergency situation...either way, good for him)
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Binghamton can't hold on to the ball and Maine can't times.
It wouldn't be a Maine game without fouling a 3 pt shooter!
Maine expends so much energy with so little reward.....gotta love their chutzpah though.
This has been a fun game to watch.
This would be a disastrous loss. Not because Maine is a particularly bad team, just having gotten off to such a good start with so much on the line.
Maine gets so f*cking jittery on offense under pressure.
Falko was fouled; tough for BU there.
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No idea how they didn't call that foul on Falko there. AE Refs at their finest I suppose.
Another tough call...
It doesn't matter....Falko will get the last shot and win the game.
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