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I can deal with Crawford leaving, but we MUST NOT deal Curry or Chandler. We have paid the price with the bumps and bruises along the way for 3 years now. You can't give up on the young 2 twin towers. I dont like to agree with Krause much, with the way he might draft and such, but he is still extremely intelligent about the game. I completely agree with them about Curry where he said

"1. Curry's played 9 or 10 weeks without Tyson Chandler, and that has had a big effect on his game. When Tyson returns, opposing big men won't attack and beat up Curry the way they're doing it now.

2. He's playing with a rookie point guard, and even though he's playing well, he doesn't yet have the savvy to beat the defense to the best spots that will make Curry most effective.

3. He's only 21. He repeated that 3 or 4 times. He said he's still a kid among men in a lot of ways, and that the mean streak, and knocking people on their butts usually doesn't come for any big man before they reach 24, 25 and that it's usually one of the last qualities they develop"

No dealing with Jerry West, we keep our towers.
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