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Will Walker be given a chance at Binghamton? Does he deserve to be given a chance?

I don't know his contract situation, but he loses his two best players for next year - so is next year a rebuilding year? Are Milne, Gordon and Hailey the building blocks for Binghamton to contend again in the AE? Are there incoming recruits that are going to contribute right away?

I just look around the league and see a lot of changes and I'm curious about Binghamton:
Albany - just gave Will Brown a 5 yr extension

UNH - Herrion did a great job last year, proved he was a very good tactical coach - will be successful if he can improve the talent level

Vermont - Lonergan made it to the finals after UVM lost all their starters.

Stony Brook - forget the coaches name but he just got an extension, makes a boatload of $ and has a great recruiting class. Clearly the AD has a lot of confidence in him

Maine - Woodward did a good job this year without Kevin Reed. Will have a very good team next year

BU - Wolf isn't going anywhere unless he wants to or unless they move to a bigger conference. They were competitive this year even though they only had 2 players that contributed offensively.

Hartford - Hiring a new coach

UMBC - Don't know what's going on with Monroe

Binghamton - 2nd place during the regular season, lose in semi finals. Best facility and fan support in the league. Loses 2 best players - not sure about incoming class.

Can Binghamton basketball keep up with the other sports - Volleyball went to the tourney, Lacrosse is ranked, WBB was pretty good this year.


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The one other player to watch for is Steve Proctor, as good a perimeter defender as anyone in the league.
Good point with Proctor, I thought he was pretty impressive as a shooter as well during the tournament.

I know Albany fans seem to be very impressed with Hailey (because he went off for two big games against UA) but Hailey had a terrible year shooting the basketball.
I was actually disappointed with Hailey during the tournament - I think it was the Vermont game where he put up 2 shots from about 23 feet when it wasn't necessary.

Milne seems to be more comfortable on the perimeter - I didn't see him as much as others so it may have just been the the games that I saw.
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