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All NBA minus top pick...

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If you had to have an All NBA squad, minus your natural first selection, whom would ya pick? Basically, state your 2nd NBA team. My first one would be Shaq, Duncan, Pierce, Kobe, Kidd, so my second one would be Olowokandi, KG, Carter, Allen, Bibby. If I'm leaving someone out, tell me.
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C - Zo
PF - K.G.
SF - Dirk
SG - T-Mac
PG - Payton

Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!

Do these ballers have to be minus ur first selection or mine,cuz K.G. and T-Mac would be my first selection?:yes:
Wow, I left out McGrady. No it could be your first selection...
My First Team:
PG:Jason Kidd
SG:Tracy McGrady
SF:Dirk Nowitzki
PF:Tim Duncan

My Second Team:
PG:Andre Miller
SG:Kobe Bryant
SF:Kevin Garnett
PF:Chris Webber
C:Jermaine O'Neal
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Originally posted by KBStAt
That was the all-nba first team. He said your supposed to list your second team
Originally posted by Malakian

That was the all-nba first team. He said your supposed to list your second team
so why is kobe on yours? :D
1st Team:
T-Mac(not really a sf)

2nd Team:
Dirk Nowitzki
Vince Carter
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Why the hell does everyone hype up Dirk Nowitzki so much? The guy's the most overrated player in the NBA by far. Anyone else notice every other guy on everyones list had O and D, except for Irk.....i mean Dirk? Am I the only one smart enough to jump on the Dirk Nowitzki band wagon? WOW! Look! A big white guy from Germany with the same name as a porn guy in a movie who can shoot and thats about it! How cool!
There are two choices for small forwards. Kevin Garnett or Dirk Nowitzki. When they played in the playoffs Dirk kicked his ***. So my vote goes to Dirk on the 1st team.

As for why Kobe is on my second team. Because T-Mac is better:yes:
dirk does sux

i agree that dirk is one of the most overrated players, kobe is overrated too.

Dirk does not suck, he's a top NBA SF. you guys need to watch the NBA more if you think he sucks......

Not enough time to put a full team together, but I've gotta put Francis somewhere on the list.
i do watch the nba, my friend is a mega dirk fan so i am forced to watch him whenever the mavs play and i am at his house or my house, he is not that good, he just has a really good team around him.
If I could have Dirk on my team, I would put Dirk on my team:yes:
first team

second/third team

pg - b davis/bibby
sg - ai/kobe
sf - vince/tmac
pf - sheed/ c webb
c - kandi/zo
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rasheed is better than webber....better rebounder/shot blocker.....better 3pt shooter....much better post game(actually has a post game)...and more mobile(always running on the fast break and much quicker off his feet.....neither of them r great leaders....and it doesnt mean much but is a better dunker
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