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All-NBA prototype team

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I'm kinda bored, so I figured I would post what I would consider the prototype players for each position with a anaylze of the positions criteria.


top choice-John Stockton

For the point guard position you have to be able to control the tempo, run halfcourt sets, get everyone involved, and be a team leader. Basically, you gotta be a great passer and decent at the other fundamentals. And in my opinion, no one does that better then John Stockton. You saw how he ran things against the Kings. Everyone was expecting a blowout, but Stockton was able to control the tempo and grind it out, rather then a running game. It wasn't the most exciting series, but considering the Jazz's best players were either at or near the big 4-0, they did a damn good job.


top choice-anyone who can shoot, for all I care, Dell Curry

While the shooting guard position was become the most glamourous one, that everyone wants to play, the Kobe Bryant's and Micheal Jordan's aren't my idea of a prototype shooting guard. For the shooting guard position, my prototype player who simply be someone who could shoot, as the name implies. Great shooter, decent at everything else.


top choice-scottie pippen

I've always viewed the Small Foward position as a do-it-all type player. Not really great at one particular thing, but above average at everything. Scottie Pippen and Grant Hill have always been my favorites for this position, pippen in particular. He can run the point, shoot, rebound, get everyone involved, play defense, and has good size.


top choice-tim duncan

Well, they don't call him The Big Fundamental for nothing. He's got a great post game, good midrange jumper, and can rebound and block shots. You really can't ask much more from a power foward, in my opinion.


top choice-Bill Russel

Who else could I choose besides the defensive master Bill Russel. Sure, Wilt was the better player, but I prefer Bill just 'cos. Great defensive player who gets alot of boards and can still put up points. Russel would be a little undersized nowadays, so I suppose Wilt may be the better choice, but nonetheless, it's just my opinion.

One thing you'll notice about these players is that they're some of the best team players, which helps with chemisty. Plus, basketball is great when it's played as a team game. Teams like the showtime lakers, and larry bird's celtics. But even with all that said, I like watching Micheal Jordan take over a game and do flashy dunks as much as the next guy.
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Prototype 2

I'd say one of:
Mitch Richmond
Cheryl..err...Reggie Miller
Ray Allen
Eddie Jones
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