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Last Charge Against Iverson Dropped
September 12

The only court Allen Iverson has to think about now is of the basketball variety.

On Thursday, the only remaining charge against Iverson was dropped. On July 11, Iverson was arrested and faced four felony and 10 misdemeanor charges for allegedly entering his cousin's West Philadelphia apartment and making threats while in possession of a gun to occupants Charles Johnson and Hakeem Carey on the morning of July 3.

However, on July 29, all but one of the charges were dropped, as Iverson still faced two counts of the misdemeanor charge of making terroristic threats.

The Sixers released the following statement regarding the decision.

"We are gratified by today’s decision to drop all remaining charges against Allen Iverson. From the beginning, we urged our fans, the press and the public not to immediately react, but to allow the matter to be processed by the judicial system. We are obviously very pleased with the result - for Allen, for his family, and for the 76ers and our fans. We look forward to returning our focus to where it now belongs — on the basketball court."

Great news! :rbanana:

One less distraction to worry about. Hopefully with this drama behind him, and the fact that he's been working out with the team all-summer, AI can put together another MVP type season.
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