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I know there's a thread for you to make your own team, All-Time, of your favorite players. But what are some of your All Time favorite teams?

My favorite of all time would have to be the old ABA Kentucky Colonels. Greatest basketball team ever. I also liked Run TMC. You can include college teams, as well. Louisville's National Champion Doctors of Dunk were GREAT. Still love watching them beat the tar out of UCLA and Duke for National Championships. Especially the Duke game. They were just playing with the Dukies. Who can't love Phi Slamma Jamma? Get Guy Lewis into the HoF!!

Here's my Top Five:

1. ABA Kentucky Colonels, 1976
2. U. of Louisville's "Doctors of Dunk," 1980
3. Houston's "Phi Slamma Jamma," 1982
4. GS Warrior's "Run TMC," 1992
5. U. of Louisville's "Doctors of Spunk," 1996

I had to include the reincarnation of the Doctors of Dunk, Louisville's '93 team, because for one, I'm a HUGE Card fan, and they were the team that lost to UNC by one in the elite eight as a six seed. I'll never forget Samaki Walker in that game, he totally shut down Antawn Jamison. Louisville's biggest problem was Serge Zwikker, the big tall mofo that had no skill. We didn't have anybody tall enough to guard him! But there was never a team that played as hard as the Doctors of Spunk. (Duh, that's how they got the nickname...)

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<b>1. "The Bad Boys" Detroit Pistons Back-to-Back Champions</b>

For the simple fact everybody else in the league hated them. Being a Detroit sports fanatic, they were easily my favorite team ever. They had everything:

One of the best PG's ever: Isiah
A great scorer and a stand-up guy: Joe D.
The best rebounder to ever play: The Worm
Decent inside presence with a sweet fade-a-away: James Edwards
One of the top bench players: The Microwave
A cagey veteran that could score: Mark Aguirre
2 tough S.O.B.'s that you would not want to be in a dark alley with: Laim and Mahorn
Top 5 Coach in the history of the game: Chuck Daly

<b>"Fab 5" Michigan Wolverines</b>

Never a better recruiting class. CWebb, Jalen, Juwan, Jimmy, and Ray basically redefined the image of basketball with their baggy shorts and cockiness. Their talent was a pleasure to watch.

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Da Bulls



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I have to agree that the Pistons are a awesome team, I don't think that power and attitude will ever be on another team, I mean those guys hit people and liked it, plus the unguardable combo of Isiah and Joe!

But I would say my favorite basketball team to watch were the 95-97 North Carolina Tar Heels. I loved watching Ed Cota man the PG and control the game with his passing, he did it better than anyone in the college game, and did it for 4 years in a row! I loved watching Jamison look like a spring down in the post, running the floor, out rebounding everyone, he was just to quick for any college 4 to guard him. It was awesome watching Vince do his thing and no one could stop it, he did not shoot that well in college but who cares, his real thing was defense though and his shooting %, and yeah he still got his dunks to. I loved Shammond's intensity and passion for the game, and his heart he could really knock down 3 balls when he was on. I liked the scrapers like Okulaja the do everything guy and the athletic center in Ndiaye. But the great thing about that team was it even though they won a ton of games, they really did not have a bench, there bench was Okulaja and that was it, Haywood came in a times but he was still to raw. They just had PG: Cota, SG: Williams, SF: Carter, PF: Jamison, C: Ndiaye, and they played almost all game long, and getting tired, well it never happened. But I will always remember Shawn McDunna saying "the lob!"when Cota passed it to either Carter or Jamison and then they throw it down, awesome team to watch, that team was put together very well. And it was during a time when UNC was in transition between head coaches but the players did not change though.

:yes: :yes: :yes: Go Heels!!!!!, the Heel fans know what I'm talking about with this team

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My favs

1. Duke 91-92
Laettner, Hurley, G. Hill, Davis, T. Hill, Lang, McAffrey, Parks
The top 3 players are college legends, and the depth will never be seen again in college ball, coached by the K-Man

2. Lakers 2000-present
After watching Shaq get swept year after year, the Big Man triumphed.

3. Orlando Magic 94
Shaq and Penny were young, Nick Anderson was one of the top 5 2 guards in basketball, then you had Dennis Scotts 3 point shooting and Horace Grants hussle along with his jumpshot. No bench whatsoever. If Anderson did not miss all those free throws in game 1 in the finals who knows what would of happened. They were also the last team to hand Phil Jackson a playoff series loss, few people realize that.
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