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NBA season opener. Rose Garden Arena. No better time to get real about the Trail Blazers.

I am worried.

The Blazers haven't looked good in the preseason. They're razor thin, and asking too much of Marcus Camby and Brandon Roy. And I'm unconvinced that the front office will make the moves necessary to make Portland a playoff-series winner.

Blazers general manager Rich Cho said when he was hired that the team was "one or two moves" from being a contender. Those moves haven't happened, and if we're reading the Jerryd Bayless trade correctly, it doesn't feel like they're coming anytime soon. The Blazers appear content to move slow, and the top teams in the league feel like they're getting away from Portland.

Roy is a star. He's going to do his thing. He'll lead. Most of his teammates will follow. But it's the glue players in between that matter most in a season like this. In prior years, there's been a calm in the locker room. But that's been replaced with a peculiar feel that surrounds this team -- one that has caused those around the team to observe that "something's not right."

I receive a lot of email from Blazers fans who have suggestions for the organization. This season the advice ranges from remedies to the team's injury problems -- including better nutrition and better shoes -- to a reader who suggested that Nancy Kerrigan cursed the Blazers. You know, after Tonya's knee-job.

So maybe it's worth asking Kerrigan to lift the curse today.
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