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Anderson/Drew-Preview of the future?

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Cavs are getting a good look at these two playing next to each other. And I think this stretch will go a long ways to deciding whether they commit to drew long term. because I think they are going to commit(or they better) to Andy long term.

So far, I don't think they are really fitting that well together. Between Andy's gambling defense, and Drew's "where am I? defense" we are at a real deficit in terms of protecting the basket. Marshall and Andy are a better frontcourt. Donyell is can actually block shots, and play decent post defense. He doesn't get lost on his rotations like Drew does.

And when you look at what Marty has done this year down in the NBDL--maybe five years down the road, after Z hangs them up and Donyell is gone--Andy and Marty's the future frontcourt? So probably Danny should be looking to take another rough prospect front court player. Maybe if Splitter drops far enough, he's an option?

Another option might be trying to trade for the rights to Fran Vasquez. By the time the Cavs need him he should be ready to come over.
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