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Andre Miller to Golden State?

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Golden State keeps coming up on the short list of teams interested in trading for Andre Miller, but I haven't heard any detailed scenarios. So, here's one to chew on...

The Cavs send Andre Miller and Bryant Stith (to make the deal work financially) to the Warriors for Mike Dunleavy and Jiri Welsch.

Golden State is potentially giving up a lot if both Dunleavy and Welsch develop as hoped, but those are two big "ifs." And they get the PG they covet to build around--and Miller and Richardson could be a deadly backcourt together. Maaaaybe Dunleavy will be a star, but Miller already is one, and everyone knows good PGs are much harder to find.

The Cavaliers relieve themselves of the necessity of paying Miller what he's worth, and also unload Stith. In return they get their SF of the future (they hope!) in Dunleavy, who isn't as electrifying as Caron Butler but has more name recognition and will fill some seats--and can drill the 3. In Welsch they also get a solid prospect, a combo guard who may be able to back up both Wagner and Davis. The Cavaliers are assured of stinking next year, but have a locker room of good prospects, some of whom will certainly pan out over the next five years.

What do y'all think?
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What? You guys realy think this is a bad trade? Come on. GS gets a floor leader, who just to correct you Nismo, IS a top 5 pg. And in return they get 2 UNPROVEN yet very potential players. In 5 years when these guys are comming into their own then maybe you could say, hey I wish we held on to those guys, but in all reality with the way the game works today, they wouldnt be with you in 5 years anyways. Neither of those 2 will make huge impacts for awhile
I've Been Checked? Check your head

I guess leading the league in assists while passing to guys like Lamond Murray isnt enough for you to put him in the top hey? I've been checked? Nah, you can check me throwing the garbage list right out the door. J Kidd, yea, no arguments. No with GP either. Putting up Stevie Franchise at the 3 is stupid. Hes the man but he didnt even play much at the end of the season because of headaches. Miller had better stats than stock last year, period. Stocks days are winding down, I wouldnt put him ahead of Jamal Tinsley anymore, let alone Miller. And Bibby? Your just another guy jumping on the Kings band wagon. He stepped up in the playoffs and was the man, but I'll wait till next year before decide where hes at. There are alot of great pg's in the league. Old, Stock and GP. And young, B Diddy, Francise, Tinsley, and I could go on forever. None of us will ever agree on a list because its personal opinion more than anything. But make no mistake, trading for Miller would make your team better.
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Exactley. Your ragging on him for not doing anything for his team then you say no man can do everything. His team was horrible. The one of the bottom teams. And yet he still led the league in assists. I agree that he will never make the impact stock did, but how does that have anything to do with where you rank stock in the top points today? Judge him on what hes doing, not what he did. Dre is going to be a star
Screw drafting. The answer to this team improving isnt to sit back and keep getting lottery picks. Rookies dont come in and make lottery teams a playoff contender, with slight exceptions of course. Trade or sign someone who is the man now, dont keep waiting for youth to develop. The only guys you should not think about trading are J Rich, Arenas and Jamison
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