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Andre Miller

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Do you guys think that there is any chance of the Raps trading for Andre Miller? A package could involve a combination of Keon, the 20th overall pick, Alvin Williams or JYD
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Penny, Miller may suck according to you, but wouldn't you love to see all those alley oops to Vince?

I'd love to have 'Dre here, but it's more of a pipe dream, even though the Cavs management sucks.
Keon does not deserve and will never get $8 mil or more. He is just too inconsistant. The most I'd pay Keon is a bit more than what Alvin and JYD are paid, about $5.5 million. That's it.

And IMO if we want Miller we have to give up AD AND take on Big Z's contract.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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