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Andre Miller

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Do you guys think that there is any chance of the Raps trading for Andre Miller? A package could involve a combination of Keon, the 20th overall pick, Alvin Williams or JYD
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As much as I would die to see Dre part of the Raptors it will never fit under the cap.

You would have a starting linep of DRE, AD,VC who are all payed MAX contracts. Keon will be 8 mill or more. Thats almost the cap size right there.

The only way possible of getting Dre and still remaining competitve is to trade JYD and Alvin to the Cavs for him.

I dont know do you want to mess up the chemistry. Ya dam right I would for getting Dre bottom line Dre and Carter would be lethal alone. Adding one of the top 3 big men in the East AD and the most athletic big man in the NBA (Kevin Garnet excluded) Keon that would mean a trip to the finals IMO.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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