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Word is the 76ers really want Dale Davis. With the recent injury to Derick Coleman, they may need him more than ever.

Phili would love to unload Glen Robinson due to his off and on court problems. Due to the blazers image, he could not be accepted into this team.

So, with the recent strugles of Utah, and the indications that Harpring is out for the rest of the year and AK is out for a while longer, i think Glen could be a good player for them

Portland Trades
-D.Davis to Phili
-R.Patterson to Phili
-T.Outlaw to Phili

Philidelphia Trades
-G.Robinson to Utah
-T.MacCulloch to PDX
-S.Dalembert to PDX

Utah Trades
-R.Lopez to PDX

Portland gets exactly what we need. young PG and a young C. Lopez is a great passer, averaging 4 assists in 20 minutes. Dalembert is a rising big man who is also a great defender and a good offensive player. Todd would retire due to his foot injuries.

Lopez Stats-7.9ppg, 4.1apg, 2.3rpg, .6spg, .45FG%, 22mpg, 24 years old

Dalembert Stats-6.8ppg, 5.6rpg, .5spg, 1.79bpg, .60FG%, 21.5mpg, 22.5-23 years old
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