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I DONT BELIVE THIS!!!!!! THIS IS JUST GETTING REDICULOUS!!!! Will the Vikings every win another game??? I mean seriously im wondering. I know i've backed them and said oh they are a top team and stuff. Well im sorry i said all that stuff now. Cause man do they suck right now. They cant play defense. Wright State tonight shot 53% from the field. They normally shoot around 42%. CSU had no answear for any of them. Burleson killed us tonight with 17 pts. He is a freshman kid from like Wheelingsburgh ohio or somethin like that. It wasnt even Seth Daliboa who i think is totally overated. Westley 21 pts owned him tonight so eh go figure. Jermaine Robinson again with 20, and maybe our new leader Victor Morris hit for 13. Overall they played horrible on defense and that cost them the game. They had a chance late with 17.6 seconds left and they just kept running into each other. Never got a good shot off and ended up forcing up an airball with like 5 seconds left. It was just a bad game all around. Sure Omari and Jermaine had nice games great, BUT IF U DONT WIN IT DOESNT MATTER! Im sorry to say but i think we might be headin for another 20+ loss season if things dont turn around quick.

Top Scorers CSU lines
Omari Westley 7-9 from the field(nice) 7-8 ft 21 pts 9 rebs 2 blk
Jermaine Robinson 7-20(ouch) 4-6 ft 20 pts 4 ast
Victor Morris 4-7 fg 4-4 ft 13 pts 1 reb 2 ast
Top Scorers Wright State
Vernard Hollins 7-11 fg 4-4 ft 18 pts 2 rebs 3 ast 2 steals
Andrew?? Burleson 6-8 fg 5-6 ft 17 pts 5 rebs
Seth Daliboa 4-12(over hyped) fg 3-4 ft 12 pts 5 rebs 2 ast

I dont know bout all the other Viking fans but im getting frustrated thats all i can say.
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