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I was chit chatting with my friend today about possible trades prior or on draft night and he threw out an option and scenario that I sort of liked, in fact, I loved. This idea's main goal is to get balanced position wise and age wise, (both old and young players, both new faces and familiar faces).

We send Sprewell packing, along with big O and our second rounders, to the Clips for the 8th pick, 12th pick, and cap fillers. We would then have the 7th, 8th, and 12th pick, I'm thinking that could land us Wilcox, Wagner, and Borchardt. As I see it, LA wants to start winning games now. They'd rather win 41 games and lose in the first round than make the lottery, in other words...Sprewell and Harrington, along with the signing of Olowokandi, and a nice Odom deal, would without a doubt do that, perhaps put them in an even better situation, maybe a 5-7 seed, second round club.

If this deal were made I'd look into dealing Camby and Anderson to Memphis for Wright and Dickerson.
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