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From Sean Deveney (personally,I don't have that high of an opinion of him, but on the whole this was a nice article)

Focusing on the negatives also obscures Karl's track record: He hasn't had a losing season since 1987-88. He brought that credibility to Denver when he was hired in late January, and it is paying off. The Nuggets had little faith in previous coach Jeff Bzdelik and less faith in interim coach Michael Cooper. They played no defense, relied almost exclusively on one-on-one offense and played without enthusiasm.


Winning, especially, is fun. The Nuggets entered the week 17-5 under Karl. They have been a much better defensive team, which seems to fit Karl's reputation as a defensive-minded coach. But, really, the Nuggets have not employed any ingenious defensive schemes under Karl -- they're simply putting forth more effort, which is bound to happen while playing for a coach with job security.

Karl's real genius has been the changes he has brought to the Nuggets' offense. This was a standstill offensive group when Karl took over. Players -- Anthony especially -- disdained ball movement in favor of me-vs.-the-defense scoring attempts. Karl has emphasized a return to 1980s Nuggets basketball, with fast breaks and a five-man offense, going so far as bringing Moe out of semiretirement as an assistant. And Karl has shown he is serious about this style. He has benched Anthony twice for the fourth quarter in favor of Russell because he felt Anthony was forcing his offense.

Anthony's reaction after each benching shows Karl's effect and shows why Denver is regarding Anthony as new and improved: After the first benching, Anthony pouted. After the second, he said, "You just put it behind you. You've got to keep working hard. I'd never disrespect George. I try to do everything he asked me to do."

The next time the Nuggets played, Anthony had his most efficient offensive game of the season, scoring 25 points on 16 shots in 21 minutes. Anthony is, as Karl says, the "wild card." Karl has straightened out the Nuggets, but his ultimate success will be determined by Anthony's development as a team-oriented star.
Also mixed in were comments about how Karl has flamed out at his previous coaching spots because his "honesty" with players and dislike of selfishness eventually rubbed players the wrong way.

Deveney also mentions that Karl doesn't have a good history of developing young players, but with the Nuggets current roster, that shouldn't be too big of a deal. Granted, the Nuggets could have 2 first round picks this summer, but neither one will need to be counted on to produce right away unless Kiki doesn't sign any of the free agent SG's (DJ & Person).
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