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I could say a lot about the article but I would be wasting my time.

Chad Ford is a hack. He is inconsistent and just flat out wrong in just about every fixer-upper he has written so far.

Some of his choice points:

1) Sign and Trade Oakley to the Wizards. You think Oakley is going to do anything to help Krause? You think the Wizards are going to go out and grab Oakley?

2) MJ should trade himself to a Winner. MJ should trade himself to the Bulls. A little inconsistent there in the same article?

3) Claiming Dixon was taken 10 spots too early. He has to say this to defend his mock draft. Aldridge had already reported he would not last until the second round and the Wizards got calls asking about Juan after he was taken. Juan has held up in the Summer League and the Wizards are looking better and better for taking him. Frank Williams or Dickau look any better? Not a chance. Yet Juan is a good young prospect to be packaged to Cleveland.

4) Kwame is a whiff, but hold on to Kwame because he is superstar potential. This guy needs to take a stance and then work on writing around it, instead of bouncing all over the place.

5) Trade Etan Thomas? He doesn't have a future in Washington? This guy is clueless.

The guy hasn't shown an ability to have any sort of insight at all.

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BCH, I think you're going a bit overboard. I actually found the article quite good in many respects. If the wizards could trade Richard Hamilton and a young guy or two for Andre Miller that would be great. I actually think Larry Hughes has a bigger upside at the 2-spot than Hamilton. He also made a great point with the Hidi and Etan for Mike Miller trade even though I doubt Orlando would do it. However, I agree that the wohle "Jordan trades himself" thing is completely ridiculous. Jordan is the heart and soul of the Wizards, whether he's on the hardwood or at a desk. If he could get the Wiz in the playoffs next year, give all he's got to ge tthem past the first round or two, it would be great for all the young guys. They might lose a bit of playing time, but they would get a ton of experience. Why would any team trade the bes tplayer in the history of basketball? Especially when he's playing his heart out for peanuts and even donating all of those peanuts ot charity. I think MJ staying for one more year would be a positive thing, as long as he gets all these young guns int he playoffs. Then, depending upon Haywood and Kwame's development, we could have us an 03-04 conerence finals contender.

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Sorry to disagree. His comment about Etan looking good in a suit at the end of the bench was ludicrous. The guy played all year. He just hasn't exhibited enough knowledge.

I wasn't disagreeing with his trade idea of Hamilton, Jeffries, and Dixon for Miller. I was stating how if conflicts what he said a few paragraphs before.

On a side note, I wouldn't make that trade, but that is me.

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Why would we trade Etan and Jahidi for Mike Miller this trade is ridiculous has anyone actually seen Mike Miller play he's all Jumper no defense, Etan will be very good in the Nba and good young bigs are hard to come by in the eastern conference, Chad Ford is a joke spreading false rumors everyday Ron Jones played much better last year than Oakley's played in 2 years, we'd resign Ron before Oakely and the Jordan stuff is dumb, Now Aldrige's article is much more interesting and I happen to agree in that one of our young bigs has to have a breakthrough year and I think that big will be ETAN THOMAS, Kwame's a year away from breaking out but Thomas will be a revelation to those who don't know,.

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I don't know, but it seems to me that almost anyone can make up a series of wild *** ideas to improve a team. I bet I can do just as well as Chris Ford, and be more consistent to boot.

1. Explore a trade of Kwame for 1) Baron Davis or 1a) Andre Miller. Does Kwame have that kind of trade value? I'm not sure, to be honest. However, even his critics (like me), recognize that he's got a mountain of ability.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that a team like Cleveland, which has Miller on the block mainly for contract reasons, and which wants a PF, would trade Rip for a young, high potential PF who's locked up contractually for several years. If they like, we could add someone like Whitney, Lue, or Davis, to provide some backup at PG for DaJuan Wagner. Davis of course, is mainly an SG, but he seems to be able to play PG in a pinch, and his size would complement Wagner nicely, maybe allowing him to operate at SG occasionally. He's one of the league's best 3 point threats, and oh yeah, his contract is expiring, which the cash conscious Cleveland ownership will love.

2. To make this deal happen under the cap, Cleveland would need to include another player, and the best salary match is Lamond Murray. Not coincidentally, the Cavs might be willing to give him up, since he's not an all-around player and he's got a significant amount of contract left in front of him (this year plus three more). If Cleveland is trying to clear salaries, he's a guy they'll try to move, and they've got Jumaine Jones behind him, who I at least think has decent potential. Maybe we add a lottery protected draft pick to seal the deal.

3. If possible, trade Jahidi for Miller straight up. No way Etan is included. If they want, they can have Whitney, Simmons, or Grizzard.

At this point, we've got the following roster as our primary rotation
C Hayood
Thomas (splits time at C/PF)
Laettner (splits time at C/PF)
Jeffries (splits time at PF/SF)
SF Murray
Miller (splits time at SF/SG)
MJ (splits time at SF/SG if he plays)
SG Rip
Hughes (splits time at SG/PG)
PG Miller

Additionally, we have Dixon, Simmons, Lue, Whitney, and maybe Grizzard deeper on the bench, with potential for all but Whitney to improve.

In the long run, I like this lineup. I like Jeffries more as an athlete swinging between PF and SF. I like Thomas swinging between C and PF. Combining with Haywood, I think those three still leave our frontcourt pretty strong in the long run, even if we get rid of White.

At SF, we've got a guy who's steady and can score and rebound in Murray, although ultimately I'd expect him to give way to Miller.

With this roster, we've got a lot of flexibility. We can run and gun with a lineup of Thomas, Jeffries, M. Miller, Rip, and Andre, (with Hughes as a sixth man interchangeable for the last two). We've got a lot of guys who can shoot the rock for Andre to distribute to (Jeffries, Murray, Rip, Mike Miller), and a lot of guys who should be decent defenders (Andre, Haywood, Etan, Jeffries)

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It sounds nice but right now I am content to stay fairly quiet on the drastic measures to try and "improve" the Wizards. They are improved and they are young and they have cap room. Trying to jump start the process may blow it all up. Any trade that invloves Rip or Kwame is drastic at this point.

I consider Jeffries our plug at SF, and I would not be willing to trade him along with Rip to grab Miller, even though it makes some sense. I have more confidence in Hughes as out PG than as our SG.

I don't consider Davis a possibility.

If Kwame develops we would have been impressive with the squad we had last year even without MJ. And we have improved in many aspects this offseason.

With the guys you have listed I would project the lineup (no MJ) as:

PG; A Miller
SG: Hughes
SF: M.Miller/Murray/Jeffries
PF: Thomas/Jeffries
C: Haywood/Laettner/Thomas

I honestly prefer this lineup (no MJ):

PG: Hughes/Dixon
SG: Rip/Grizzard
SF: Jeffries/Simmons
PF: Kwame/Thomas
C: Haywood/Thomas

I am not going to pretend to guess who we can trade the guys I have not listed for. Jahidi I really don't mind keeping but if the right deal presents itself I am fine with moving him. Laettner, Lue, Whitney, and Davis can go if they bring back something valuable with Lue and Whitney thrown in to make deals work because they are cap space for next offseason where flexibility will be important.

I guess I am just comfortable going into next season. I would like to be a little more comfortable at the SF position but I think Jeffries and Simmons will be about as good as we can do for now, and even though I think JJ is a little time away, I think he has what we need at SF.

But what do I know. I am usually averse to taking risks because of the history of this team.

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More Chad Ford Idiocy

He now realizes that rookies that have signed cannot be traded until Dec. 15. I guess that ruins his opening day roster of us having Miller.

Just realized he said Davis was coming off the books for us next season. He is wrong about that as well.

I wouldn't be pissed if the lineup he proposes becomes reality. I just wouldn't do it.

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BCH, it doesn't necessarily preven tus form getitng Andre Miller. I think Cleveland would rathe rhave a veteran from the Wiz along with Rip considering how inexperienced their lineup already is. I don't think a Rip, Etan, and Hubert for Miller and cap filler would be out of the question.

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That Chad person just contrdicts himself , doesn't he?

Here is MY 2 cents worth:

If you notice the Wizards are studiously avoiding any "problem children" or malcontents. They also seem to be getting rid of anyone who does NOT play defense (Alexander?) They also want to get TALLER and more athletic with interchangeable parts.
I see their lineup as follows:

Starters: Hughes pg/sg
Rip sg/pg/sf
Kwame pf/c
Haywood C/PF
Trade for a vet or use Jefferies SF/PF

Bench: Dixon: pg/sg
Laettner pf/c
Thomas pf/c
Popeye pf/c/sf
Simmons sf/sg
Grizzard sg/sf
MJ? sg/sf/pg
Davis sg/pg/sf
Lue pg/sg?

Miller is too darn short for their plans. Forget the hype no one
player is gonna do it. Remember we had the greatest player
on our roster last year.
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