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Another Year Of The Same Old, Same Old

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From The Orlando Sentinel:
"Whatever the case, it appears the Orlando Magic are headed for another season of frontcourt disarray. An important evaluation period for big men Steven Hunter, Rashard Griffith and Mario Kasun has turned into a big mess. Free-agent signings can begin in three days, and the Magic don't have enough money to find an impact post player. The Magic are no closer to filling their big hole in the middle. It appears that the best the Magic can do to improve their frontcourt is sign one or two tough guys at bargain prices and become more forceful in demanding that their current post players give better contributions. "A major something is not going to happen," Magic General Manager John Gabriel said. "We're going to have some change, and, the players we have, we're just going to have to be better."
Man, I guess it's another year of watching our "big men" get dominated on the boards and being frustrated because our perimiter players have to play all the defense.

I guess it's too much to expect from Gabe for him to make a huge deal, but with solid big men like Jerome James and Danny Fortson on the table I would like to see him at least try something.
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