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Jim Eichenhofer ‏@Jim_Eichenhofer
Anthony Davis on basketball-crazed Kentucky: "You're under the microscope. Pressure-wise, playing there really helped me."

9m Jim Eichenhofer ‏@Jim_Eichenhofer
Anthony Davis on New Orleans: "It's a great city. If I was drafted here it would be awesome."

WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Dell Demps said he will be taking Anthony Davis to see new Hornets owner Tom Benson today.

11m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Dell Demps won't say right our that they're taking Davis. However, he has said many times today they don't want to out pressure on him.

19m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Only person working out at the Alario Center today is Jason Smith. Anthony Davis was in for a meet and greet.

24m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Anthony Davis meets with New Orleans media:

26m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Davis says he has very little experience with NO other than the Final Four and SEC tourney. Says he ate Popeyes while here.

27m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Davis says he's a low profile guy who likes to have fun. Should be interesting in N.O.

28m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
As for defending Kobe or Durant or LeBron, Davis says he just looks forward to the challenge.

29m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Davis says he hasn't talked to Monty about expectations yet. Says that a conversation that would come after being drafted.

30m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Davis says playing for a defensive minded coach is "perfect" for him. Hornets coach Monty Williams is defensive minded.

31m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Davis say playing at Kentucky an having the No 1 team came with pressure. Says that helped him a lot.

31m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Davis says he hasn't spoken with any other players who have been chosen No 1 overall.

32m WWL-TV Sports ‏@wwltvsports
Davis says his mom is fine with him playing in New Orleans.

Bradley Handwerger ‏@bradhand
Anthony Davis said the decision not to work out was mutual. He's talking with media right now in jeans.
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