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There's been a rumor that the Celtics are looking at acquiring Antonio Daniels. I've read this on ESPN and RealGM, and while everyone is saying Williams or Battie for Daniels. I've only found a Delk and Cook trade to be a trade that could benefit both teams. I have never been a fan of Delk nor will I ever become one, Cook is a guy who develop in SA behind Parker, and we get a defensive whiz in Daniels who can start and contribute 10 pts, and 7-8 asts. a night. This could be a win, win for both teams. Who knows maybe we can even pick up a late draft pick.

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What a joke...

San Antonio has ZERO INTEREST in Omar Cook. I don't even think that Cook is going to get re-signed by the Celtics. The dude is a poor man's Rafer Alston--and that is NOT a compliment, people!

Antonio Daniels is nothing special, although he would certainly be handed the starting PG job in Boston. He would INSTANTLY be one of the eight WORST starting point guards in the NBA (along with Mark Jackson in Denver, Chris Whitney in Washington, Rod Strickland in Miami, Charlie Ward in New York, Dan Dickau in Atlanta, Gilbert Arenas in Golden State, and whoever the hell replaces Jeff McInnis in L.A., either Keyon Dooling or Marko Jaric). I think I'd rate him below Jackson AND Whitney--and who knows where Jeff McInnis will end up (Atlanta? Miami?)--so, if the Celts somehow get Daniels, he'll be in the bottom five.

HOWEVER--no WAY the Spurs trade Daniels, who is a free agent after next season and whose departure will clear up some cap space, for a mediocrity like Eric Williams (who still has several seasons left on his contract)--WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? If the Celts trade Tony Battie for Daniels (and some filler, somebody like Amal McCaskill or Stephen Jackson), well, the thin Celtics frontcourt gets even THINNER (especially when you take into consideration that the team probably is NOT going to re-sign Mark Blount), so I don't see how that makes sense for the Celtics at ALL.

Tony Delk would be a nice fit for the Spurs, though. I see him as an upgrade over Daniels as a backup guard, and he's certainly a better shooter than Daniels, and the Spurs need shooters to make that inside-outside game with Tim Duncan work. BUT, Delk for Daniels wouldn't work under the cap, the Celtics would have to include some filler. HERE'S a trade that would work under the cap:

Tony Delk and Shammond Williams to the Spurs; Antonio Daniels, Stephen Jackson, and Amal McCaskill to the Celtics

Jackson, McCaskill, and Williams are all FILLER, they are all free agents after next season. Keep in mind that Daniels is nothing special, but he IS a MUCH better option at PG than is Delk. Here's what the Celtics would then look like next year:

PG Antonio Daniels (32 minutes/game, which is a lot)
SG Paul Pierce (40 minutes/game)
SF Eric Williams (16 minutes/game at SF, 8 minutes/game at SG)
PF Antoine Walker (40 minutes/game)
C Vin Baker (28 minutes/game)


JR Bremer (a whopping 16 minutes/game at PG, a ton for a rookie)
Kendrick Brown (16 minutes/game at SF, which is asking a lot)
Walter McCarty (16 minutes/game at SF)
Tony Battie (20 minutes/game at C)
Amal McCaskill (4 minutes/game at PF)
Stephen Jackson (4 minutes/game at PF)

Can JR Bremer give the Celtics 16 minutes/game (maybe more) at the point guard position? Remember, this dude was UNDRAFTED. Is Kendrick Brown REALLY ready to step up and give the team 16 minutes/game? Can Eric Williams spell Paul Pierce at SG? He BETTER, because the team has NOBODY ELSE who can play either guard position! Will Pierce be a better player at SG than at SF? [Answer: YES.] And what happens if one of their starters gets hurt? This team has NO DEPTH--the team's depth last year wasn't particularly good, but this year, it's WORSE, a LOT worse. And keep in mind that you have three new starters--Kenny Anderson, either Tony Delk or Erick Strickland (I honestly don't know which one of these two was the starter at SG), and Rodney Rogers are being replaced by Antonio Daniels (a pretty significant downgrade from Anderson), Eric Williams (probably a wash, no better or worse than Delk/Strickland, really), and Vin Baker (a pretty significant downgrade from Rogers, in case you people don't know, because VIN BAKER SUUUUUUCKS). And GOD look at that BENCH! It's TERRIBLE!

I know I'm not winning you Celtics fans over here, but Boston is going to be A LOT WORSE next season--yeah, they're still a playoff team, but they won't be making it past the first round!

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Williams and Battie for Daniels?

That wouldn't help the celtics at all. They would be loosing the closest thing they had to a good center, they would loose OBs favorite players, and strike another blow to the fans, just to get another mediocre point guard.

Besides, I actually like Delk, hes not always the best shooter, but is a decent passer and an excellent defender.
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