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Antonio Daniels rumor?

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There's been a rumor that the Celtics are looking at acquiring Antonio Daniels. I've read this on ESPN and RealGM, and while everyone is saying Williams or Battie for Daniels. I've only found a Delk and Cook trade to be a trade that could benefit both teams. I have never been a fan of Delk nor will I ever become one, Cook is a guy who develop in SA behind Parker, and we get a defensive whiz in Daniels who can start and contribute 10 pts, and 7-8 asts. a night. This could be a win, win for both teams. Who knows maybe we can even pick up a late draft pick.
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Williams and Battie for Daniels?

That wouldn't help the celtics at all. They would be loosing the closest thing they had to a good center, they would loose OBs favorite players, and strike another blow to the fans, just to get another mediocre point guard.

Besides, I actually like Delk, hes not always the best shooter, but is a decent passer and an excellent defender.
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