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It's been unusually quiet for about a week now...
Is this good or bad?

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Looks like it's almost a done deal, which is a good news for the bulls. This is the latest on Yao from

Goldberg: Yao Talks Progressing

By Clutch

Rockets attorney, still in China, says a deal is not complete, but "good news" could be coming shortly

According to a Fox sports report Monday night, talks for Yao Ming are progressing in China but there is no deal in place as of yet.
Rockets attorney Michael Goldberg though was very confident.

"There are no committments yet," said Goldberg. "A lot of discussions. Hopefully, things will be cleared up in the next couple of days. Clutch City will have some good news in a few days."

It's interesting that Goldberg would be so confident and willing to say the city will "have some good news". A few days ago, a source that knows Goldberg personally told me about his past glowing reports that if he gives good news, you can just about "double it". His personality isn't one to jump the gun by any stretch.

Goldberg also added that he met with the commissioner of the CBA, Xin Lancheng, as well as with Yao himself. Erik Zhang, Yao's agent, and Yao also have been meeting with the CBA and the Shanghai Sharks.

Progress is being made... and hopefully it will be a done deal soon as time is running short.

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thanks hexabulls for the info. Looking good

Say, did anybody read the rocket guys article at hoopsworld?? It certainly was different than the info here wasnt it!! He has us wanting Jay williams so bad that we trade Rose for it!!! Some people!!! I swear

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Thanks for the info man!

Hoopsworld isn't the same people from those people are nuts!! I maybe high on Jay Williams but man trade Rose for him come on!

Hoopsworld basically not a good site to read basketball stuff its basically they think they are the sources and know everything or sometime twist the words from ot her sources they have and they think they are the one that give credit themself.

I go to that site once in a while just for see what they put.

Well, back to Ming its almost there with the deal........
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