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Originally posted by reggiemiller43
Im trying to put together some vcd (video cd) they play in most dvd players and are cheap to make. I got this new toy that transfers video and other stuff to your computer in vcd/dvd format. I was wondering if anybody had any footage they would want to send to me. I would return all tapes to original owners plus give them the copies of the vcd.

I have stuff like the

1. shot against the bulls game 4 in '98
2. Reggie on letterman after the new jersey loss this year
3. reggie on regis
4. reggie and the knicks in game 7 of the conference semis.
5. reggie doing the reading commercial
plus some other stuff

Basically im making a pacers/reggie greatest hits compilation.
Let me know and email me at [email protected]
I wouldnt mind making one for anyone that wants one for the price of postage.

Im excited about this upcoming season.
ESPN Classic has played multiple Pacer games recently. I'd check that out if I were you.
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