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Anybody here going to the Chicago All Star game this Saturday???

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I love J-Lo and I are both going. We got $10 tickets. Just wondering if anybody else will be there. If so let us know!
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Nobody's going???? Jalen, Eddy & Jay will be there!!
So will KG, Tim Hardaway, Antoine Walker, Juwan Howard, Micheal Finley and more!
where is it at?? The United Center?
Yes! It's at the UC. Saturady 4:30pm. There's a Pep Rally before the game that starts at 2:00 at the Parking lot between UC and Malcolm X College. I will be going to both the game & rally.
Bullsmaniac is da bomb!!...I here she's got da hook up!! You betta recognize!!

It's gonna be sweet seeing all the home-towners throwin' it down CRAZY STYLE! --don't miss out.

J-Lo's booty is supafly.


you crack me up!!!! see you in the a.m.!

Dang, I wish I could go! But my friend is having his bachelor party this weekend, and we're going camping. Oh well... :(
Add this to another occasion where I seriously wished I didn't live in LA. :(
just got 5 tix today, me and some friends, sect 105 row B! Should be cool, haven't seen half of those dudes play yet.

What are the teams going to be, anyone know?
I wanted to go, but i can't find anyone to go with. Like all of my friends are either in vacation or working that day.
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