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I was just wondering if anyone could just give me the basic jist of the "Da Bulls are Back" article. I'm somewhat tempted to just pay the $5 monthly fee just to read it, but would prefer not to. Thanks.
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Well, things obviously weren't working that well with Miller, Brand, Artest and Mercer, so I don't think it's a bad thing that they traded them. Anyway, if you really watched Jalen Rose play, you'd realize that he was not an overrated, play-breaking guy who will give you 16-20 a night- that's who Ron Mercer was. When Rose was with the Bulls, he averaged like 25 points, 5 rebs. and 5 assissts, and while he may not have been the best defender, he did come up with key defensive plays when it counted. More importantly, he was one of the top five players in the league in his abiltiy to take over the game in the 4th quarter, along with guys like Kobe, Iverson, and Pierce. If anything, Rose is underrated vastly. I love Artest's intensity and i respect Brand, but the Bulls signifantly improved by trading them. They will be on top of the Eastern conference in three years unless something really bad happens
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Hell Yeah! Playoffs!
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