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Anyone think Jay Will will struggle some his rookie season?

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Perhaps thats why JC is named the starter, and Guyton has been tendered an offer.

Harpring then makes sense at the three because Rose would play a lot of '2' presumably with Eddie on the floor and then who comes in at three?

Jay Will wasn't a great basketball player until he had a season under his belt. The staff may be feeling the same for his rookie campaign.

It also gives us a chance to let JC really strut his stuff so we can max out what we get for him.
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yeah, maybe it is just venting for the nth time, Sicky...

but who cares. I for one still find some interest in hearing your rants. even if it is the same rant as last week.

is Jay Williams going to struggle his first year? probably. a few people have mentioned that Yao Ming is going to be a marked man - that any one and everyone in the league is going to try dunking on him, and in general intimidating the hell out of Yao.

i think Jay is going to get a similar kind of treatment his first year. I suspect that guys like Iverson, Marbury, Francis, Baron and Payton are going to make a POINT of blowing past Jay every chance they get... they're also going to try and bump and shove Jay every time he gets the ball in his hands... in short -- equal amount of attempts at intimidation as Yao will see

i'm pretty confident Jay will respond to this in a positive way, but who really knows what's going to happen when Jay starts taking his first NBA knocks
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