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Anyone think Jay Will will struggle some his rookie season?

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Perhaps thats why JC is named the starter, and Guyton has been tendered an offer.

Harpring then makes sense at the three because Rose would play a lot of '2' presumably with Eddie on the floor and then who comes in at three?

Jay Will wasn't a great basketball player until he had a season under his belt. The staff may be feeling the same for his rookie campaign.

It also gives us a chance to let JC really strut his stuff so we can max out what we get for him.
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Originally posted by Songcycle
"In order to be the man, you've got to beat the man."
Quothe Ric Flair, evermore.

Originally posted by Sicky Dimpkins
From posts I've read on "the other board":

... he can guard the quicker guards
... he's the most NBA ready.
... playing at Duke makes him more experienced than JC.

Recently on this board: we have Mason to guard for "Jay" so he doesn't have to wear himself out on "D" and devote himself to "O" and now JC is going to start until "Jay" is ready and the Bull can ship JC out.


Put him out there and let him show what he has. No turning back now. The time for these concerns was BEFORE the draft.
I don't know about the rest of us here but I myself cannot argue with your logic. You make very good sense. Its a mans world. No excuses.
Wynn i have always been on jay williams side. I was just agreeing with what dicky said. thats all. I am very happy that we got him. I also know how dicky felt about Jay from the very beinning. He is right though. No excuses now in a big mans world. But i guess i should added on that i feel he will be up to the challenge.
Some people may question his playing ability but there is one thing that you cannot question, at least right now and that is his heart! His desire to get started and get started early. Below is a paragraph out of KC Johnsons latest article to show you what i mean.


Not tonight: Jay Williams has time for Krause, not Jay Leno.

The Bulls' first-round pick has turned down an invitation to appear on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday so he can come to Chicago and join voluntary workouts at the Berto Center in preparation for a mini-camp that begins July 15. He

also turned down an invitation to ESPN's "ESPY" awards show on the same night in Los Angeles.

"He wants to get to work," Krause said.

Williams is slated to arrive in Chicago on Sunday.
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This is an old thread. But now that we have seen him play a little. Has your opinion changed one way or the other?
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