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Redick and Morrison were unanimous choices and I believe that Redick was a unanimous choice last season as well.Tyler Hansbrough is the only freshman on the team.Only surprise to me is the absence of LaMarcus Aldridge.

First team:
Adam Morrison, Gonzaga, junior
J.J. Redick, Duke, senior
Randy Foye, Villanova, senior
Shelden Williams, Duke, senior
Brandon Roy, Washington, senior
Second team:
Dee Brown, Illinois, senior
Rodney Carney, Memphis, senior
Rudy Gay, Connecticut, sophomore
P.J. Tucker, Texas, junior
Leon Powe, California, sophomore
Third team:
Craig Smith, Boston College, senior
Glen Davis, LSU, sophomore
Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina, freshman
Nick Fazekas, Nevada, junior
Allan Ray, Villanova, senior

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The first team is the same as my five.

Makes The Sporting News look silly.

But now that 2nd team... :no:

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Nick Fazekas played 3 games against schools from the big conferences here's what he did.

35 and 8 against Kansas
24 and 7 against UCLA
20 and 13 against Georgia

His averages in those 3 games are 26.3 and 9.3. He's more than worthy. I think he should've been 2nd team over Rudy Gay as Allan Ray should've been 2nd team over Dee Brown.
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