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They are so overrated and can't win on the road...lost ot UW on the road,could have easily lost to WSU on the road, then got beat solidly by Cal last night in Berkley,then they got to go to Stanford...chalk up another L.

Alright where should i begin,

first off i don't have much room to argue with you because UA has been terrible on the road, that is obvious. But you (who I assume follows Pac-10 ball) should be very aware that despite having many weak teams there arent many easy road games in the Pac-10. When Cal shoots 60%, wins the free throw margin by at least 8-9 shots, and plays their best game of the year i dont care who they're playing, they are going to get the W. Now, UA did not even get soundly beaten, as you would know if you watched the game (did you?),They were totally in a position to possibly win with less than a minute to go, but Cal performed better and won.

secondly, this is a young team who has ups and downs. The past few road games have clearly been downs. While I agree they are a tad bit overrated (15-20 is much better ranking) they still have a 14-5 record and an rpi in the 20's. Is this not top 25 material?

And lastly, what was the score in the UA Oregon game? Sorry didnt mean to bring up some bad memories. :grinning:
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